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Peach Fruit Growth and Research Update

By Brent Black

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Fire Blight and Cytospora Management

By Claudia Nischwitz

Tart Cherry Nutrition


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Over view of Current (Apple) Rootstock technologies

By Gennaro Fazio

Breeding Methods for the Development of New Apple Rootstocks

By Gennaro Fazio

IPM Program Updates and Bird Management Options

By Marion Murray

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Food Safety Modernization Act: Irrigation Aspects

By L. Niel Allen

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FSMA-Produce Safety Rule

By Travis Waller

Challenges with codling moth MANAGEMENT andtesting a new biofix modle (new diamide insecticide for cherry fruit fly) 

By Diane Alston, Marion Murray, Thor Lindstrom & Andrew Swain

2016 Spotted Wing Drosophila experience in michigan

By N.L. Rothwell, E.A. Pochubay, and K.L. Powers

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Update on Invasive Fruit Pests

By Lori Spears

Soil Nutrients.jpg

Evolution of High-Density Tart Cherry Orchards in Michigan

By N.L Rothwell, K.L. Powers, R. Perry, A. Lezzoni, and A. Seabolt