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The Tart Cherry Marketing Order: What is CIAB And how does it benefit the tart cherry industry

By Perry M. Hedin

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Cold Hardiness and Winter Injury of Peaches research update

By Brent Black

Are H-2A and FLSA Four Letter Words

By AJ Ferguson

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How to Protect your water rights

By Jim Riley

Fugicides and IPM Program Updates

By Marion Murray

Research Committee

By Becky Ellsworth, Christopher Riley, Marc Rowley, Nick McMullin and Curtis Rowley

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Insect RESEARCH Updates: Cherry Fruit Fly, Leafroller, and codling moth

By Diane Alston

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Updates on important tree fruit diseases: coryneum blight, brown rot, and fire blight

By Claudia Nischwitz

Utah Legislature's impact on sustainable utah growers

By Sterling Brown

Current status of brown marmorated stink bug and spotted wing drosophila

By Lori Spears

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Apple Chemical thinning and PGR's

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Optimizing Tree Fruit soil fertilizer and amendment timing